Those were the days!

Every story has a highlight that defines the very purpose of that story. It basically signifies the vividness, makes it a tale of glory to be told for generations to come. If my life was to be a story, I would have nothing but the most beautiful memories I’ve lived alongside my loved ones. Having people who share the same connection in every moment is one of life’s gifts to make you realize the worth of living it.

Rarely comes a time when you get a chance to leave everything behind and just spend the most amazing times with your buddies. I was fortunate enough to have the most adorable and memorable two years of my life.

I remember hearing the news announcing lockdowns and restrictions, for what was about to be one of the most difficult times for humanity. For me it was something different. One week into lockdown made feel so alone that I couldn’t see myself even getting off my bed. They say, god always sends someone for all your difficult times, he sent my buddies to make me aware of how great my life was.

Every evening for me was something of a dream. It wasn’t even a year that everyone of us were apart for our college and now we were here together doing everything we loved to do as a team. While the sun set for the day, it was the beginning of our day in a small room. Though it was a small one, we could manage a few more always. From gaming online in the same room to having the most awkward and funny talks, we spent those evening. Anyone who brought snack was the most worshipped guy in that room.

Birthdays were always something special, because in such difficult times, having everyone to celebrate your birthday with, was truly a blessing indeed. Most of us would be waiting for the post birthday treat and it was the very reason for their presence. To this day, I remember every detail of those evenings we spent having all the fun in the world.

The most amazing part of all this were the night outs. This had become a tradition where every evening of that night-out, we used to go out for dinner and return back to the room. Later that night would be followed by every fun game ever played and every stupid thing ever done. Then there was a surreal time where we roamed the streets of the city at 3am in the morning. This moment was somewhat a feeling of freedom from every difficult time ever, of course not all buddies get the chance to share the night sky with each other.

We would end that night by doing another idiotic thing, watching a horror movie where most of us would fall asleep. After having done all this, everyone was asleep next to each other as if we were siblings and honestly it would have been the best sleep we would ever have. It truly was so special for a guy like me.

Two years later, I now realize how great were those times we had together without anything to care about. Every morning on my way out, I take a glance at that room and become nostalgic about the memories I had there. I wake up in the middle of the night realizing those night outs were no more there. That spot outside the room, feels so empty right now. Though I might have not shown it, but every time bidding farewell to any one of my buddies would be emotional for me. That room which was everything to us now lies empty with no one to fill it with.

I never noticed how when it all started with friends turned out to be brotherhood, always having each other’s back. In the rarest of all difficult times, I had the most amazing part of my life and I am glad I was one among them. I would always refer them to as “the boys” to anyone who wants to know about them.

Now here I am with one more buddy waiting for that room to be filled up again, for those nights to return and for those memories to live through again and again. Until then all I can say is “those were the days”.

To all my buddies.



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Rajat Kulkarni

Rajat Kulkarni

Writer, curious learner and a serious think tank. Genius of my own world and a nature inspred mind.